About Us

ALTAIR is an outdoor activities association that promotes social progress. We are member of the Italian Federation of spare time (FITEL)

Outdoor activities
We organize trekking and cultural visits led by skilled guides, art historians and archeologists.

Hiking holidays
We organize sedentary or itinerant holidays, from two to fifteen days, in Italy and abroad,

Daily hikes
They take place every Sunday,all year round, in Rome, in Central Italy, and in mountain areas nearby.
Difficulty levels explained below.
We also organize Winter hikes on the snow, wearing snowshoes.

Cultural visits
They take place on Saturdays and Sundays with the aim of discovering Rome’s wonder.
We also organize week-end trips in artistic towns in Central Italy.

Participation to our activity
A ) Membership
Membership is compulsory.
You may become a member coming to our office in Viale Tirreno or the same day of the visit or of the hiking. In this case you have , the day before, to fill in your personal data on the associazione Altair website :         http://associazionealtair.com/iscriviti/
Membership is valid from January to December every year ( if you make registration starting September 10, it is valid until December of following year) . Please bring your card with you during the visits or the hikings.

B) Reservation
You have to make a reservation for the visits or hikings you are interested this way :
-clicking at the bottom of the program
– or sending an e-mail to iscrizione@associazionealtair.it not later than 12.00 each Saturday
– or through WhatsApp calling the number 3274296323 not later than 12.00 each Saturday .
In both case pleas give your name, surname, e-mail address and hike or visit chosen.
The reservation is valid only after our confirmation.
You can pay the fee at the meeting point.

Membership 5 euro _ 
Insurance (optional) 10
Hikes 15€
Winter hikes 15€
Cultural visits (2 hours) da 15€
Cultural visits (more than 2 hours) da 20€
Hiring snowshoes 8€
Adults Children (12-18 years)

Hiking holidays
The reservation is to be made filling in the format at the bottom of the program.
After confirmation, fee has to be paid through bank transfer to :
Associazione Altair
Unicredit- Agenzia di via dei Prati Fiscali-Roma
IBAN IT39P0200805202000102467717

All our hikes are marked with a difficulty symbol in according with the general rules of CAI ( Italian alpin Club).
T very easy hikes, suitable for all, children included ( 3 or 4 hours)
T/E easy paths but with difference in level 500 m. max ( 4 hours)
E medium paths with difference in level form 500 to 1000 m ( 4/6 hours)
EE difficult paths with difference in level more than 1000 m ( 6/8 hours). Suitable only for experts.
Rest time is not included

Trekking shoes compulsory.
Recommended equipment : windstopper, backpack, hiking sticks, hut, packed lunch, water ( minimum 1 liter in summer), clothing change and shoes to be let in the car, first aid Kit.

If meteo forecast are very bad, Altair will send a warning in the previous day. No warning, hike confirmed.

In case of travels by car, the expenses ( fuel and motorway) are divided among passengers, driver esxcluded.